Infrastructure management that doesn't suck

Create, manage and automate your servers and what runs on them. allows you to provision servers using your own Rackspace, Linode and AWS accounts and manage their configurations

You want to hop on the DevOps wagon but are struggling with tooling? Or maybe your needs are beyond what PaaS solutions have to offer? Use and get up and running with a strategy you can invest in and scale, on your own machines.

  • Best practices

    Doing things the right way, all the time, is no easy task. brings secure, scalable and maintainable approaches to building your infrastructure.

  • Collaboration and sharing

    Let other team members access what they need to on your servers or share your architecture setups with others: your infrastructure is code.

  • Automation

    Combine actions for services running on your server into elaborate jobs, and trigger them at will: automating things on your infrastructure without a sweat.

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