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San Francisco: Here We Come!

Ronan Berder Ronan Berder on

It's been exactly a week since I landed in San Francisco: quite a bit happened in the mere few days I've spent here:

  1. I attended Startup School and the reception prior to this at YCombinator's office.

    Startup School

  2. I settled in my new place in the mission It's official, is now headquartered in San Francisco. HQ

  3. We just submitted our application to YCombinator. We're trying to not get our hopes too high. That being said, no matter what the outcome is we found the exercise very interesting; I'd recommend any team working on a product to try and fill in the application form. Sequoia Capital has a set of guidelines for business plans that are also very useful.

    DevOps intro on youtube

We're still a few weeks away from our first beta but have already been welcoming several clients and talking to a few more to subscribe once we hit our first release this November. If you're interested in being included in our beta testing program, drop us a line at [email protected].

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