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Releasing 0.10.0

Vincent Viallet Vincent Viallet on

We're glad to introduce the new release of 0.10.0 with the following improvements:

  • uWsgi process management and python tasks
  • MySQL fixes
  • Architecture change with dedicated eventer to handle all events, webhooks, crons
  • Added cron trigger support; documentation will be available shortly
  • Added 2 new community repositories that you can fork immediately:
    • django; let you build and deploy a simple django application
    • wordpress; the infamous blog platform, let you deploy a fresh wordpress setup in minutes

A lot of work occured under the hood this week, few changes are noticeable in the web interface. But don't fear! They'll be out at the next release with a nice revamp of the UI and a lot more changes and improvement!

Feel free to give us feedback or suggestion on our twitter channel, or jump on chat with us. Enjoy !

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