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Releasing 0.12

Vincent Viallet Vincent Viallet on

The new release of 0.12 is out! Among the new features, you can now enjoy:

  • Backup service; that's an exciting one! Relying on the brand new BackupAllTheThings
    • New servers will have it installed by default; existing boxes need to perform a full sync of the server,
    • Support MySQL / PostgreSQL / CouchDB / MongoDB / Redis / Files backup,
    • Updated public repositories to include backup tasks.
  • Logging; better logging in the tasks, inline or script commands can now have a description showing in the logs.
  • UI; fix various links in the profile page.
  • Bug fixes:
    • No more "locked" repositories when a fork operation fails,
    • Fix folder check in git that was preventing some files to be created.
  • PHP-APC; support has been fully dropped.

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