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Releasing 0.13

Vincent Viallet Vincent Viallet on

The new release of 0.13 is out! Lots of new features and bug fixes among which:

  • New services:
    • Ruby; add support of Ruby and various versions of Ruby via rbenv.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Supervisord; fix bug that was preventing new application to automatically start.
    • Node.js; fix issues with forever applications and environment variables.
    • Nginx; fix issues when remove virtual hosts.
    • PostgreSQL; fix permissions of the users associated with a database.
    • Backup; fix issue with the cron jobs.
    • PHP; drop entirely APC support, rely on native opscode instead.
    • ElasticSearch; fix issue where ES was not starting properly after reboot, fix configuration issue about the listening ports.
    • Repository activation; fix bug where the servers started creation before having the parameters from the activation made available.
  • New public repository:

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