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Releasing 0.6.0

Ronan Berder Ronan Berder on

We just pushed another release (0.6.0). We are nearing a stable build and will most likely spend the next week adding more trigger for events (cron, GitHub events, events...) and add more technologies. We have a few large updates to the documentation that should go live by next Wedneday as well.

A quick list of some of the more visible things we've done in this release:

  • Payload support for webhook triggers; we just wrote a post using this feature to add Metalsmith support on GitHub pages. You can now use parsed JSON payloads in your tasks trigger by webhooks.
  • Delete repositories; you can now remove repositories (long overdue).
  • community. We started what will be the community on GitHub: We'll be posting public repositories of infrastructures you can fork using the button.
  • Infrastructure improvements; we made a few major changes in the way we manage and deploy the underlying infrastructure. It now runs with the latest version of Docker, Ubuntu and uses Consul. This mostly mean faster deploy cycles and a much more robust service.

We started updating the main website and, as usual, are continuously improving the documentation.

Next week will be an important milestone as we aim at releasing an official stable version of See you all in a week.

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