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Releasing 0.5.0

Vincent Viallet Vincent Viallet on

We just released a new version of (0.5.0). We are very excited to start rolling out the button which allows our users to deploy entire infrastructures without leaving the browser with little or no configuration. more on this soon.

A quick list of the changes we made:

New features

  • Remote fork support; allows users to fork repository hosted on other platforms
  • 1 click fork button; add the button to your README file on GitHub, for example, and let users fork your architecture in 1 click.
  • devops.yml; allowing you to define configurable variables for your repository (useful to let users modify settings on fork).
  • Variables overload; allows to update variables directly in the inventory without changing your files.
  • Array lookup in configuration; allows for more logic grouping of items in the configuration.

Improvements & bug fixing

  • Fixed codemirror size when the file is empty.
  • Fixed the node details defaults.
  • Improved the autocomplete widget for collaborators.
  • Fixed links in notifications.
  • Revamped the repository activation modal.
  • Added task and sync stderr and stdout for improved user experience.
  • Fixed conflicts in dependencies.
  • Improved style of the console.
  • Imrpoved file validation upon commit.
  • Fixed error when no user/database is defined in a node configuration.
  • Improved the task concurrency.

And as usual we are working on improving the documentation and the main website.

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