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Shanghai Open Source Meetup

Ronan Berder Ronan Berder on

The March edition of the Shanghai Open Source meetup will happen at a new location near People Square. There are several well equipped rooms and we're pretty excited to get started with the new format: 1 presentation of 20 to 30 minutes followed by a few workshops.

Shanghai OS meetup

We're looking for people to speak and lead the workshops on any Open Source technology of your choice. We'll be leading a few ones ourselves with the help of the Wiredcraft folks. Expect some Chef, Sensu, Ansible, node.js, marionette.js, Raspberry PI and other geek galore.

Check out the official website for more information (there's an english version) and don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you want to present, lead a workshop or help organizing.

See you there in a couple weeks.

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